Friday, August 21, 2009

The Blog World Has Been Good to Me.....*Le Sigh*...

It's not nice to toot your own horn, Ms.Prudie would say.

But I HAVE to. =)

Because the Two-Pronged God of Internet Giveaways exists. Yes - SHE does. ;-) And she struck me TWICE in the same week. This I can't believe. I've NEVER won anything before. NEVER.
When the co-workers do Lotto pools or World Cup Finals bets (oops, did I just say that in public) - they AVOID me at all costs.
Not any more, suckers.
First - Maria's Menu
- who I've blogged about before because she has a TREASURE trove of recipes and a loyal following - was hosting an Amazon Gift Certificate giveaway to celebrate her third year of blogging. That prize landed in the lap of Yours Truly, and swiftly went towards the purchase of an EatSmart Digital Kitchen Scale from Amazon. I chose this scale based on the user reviews and also mainly because I am tired of baking-by-calculator. Yes, it's that bad chez moi.

Thank you Maria and many more happy blogging years to you!!!

And then, non-food related, but I'm giddy about this, the lovely Dithi - who is a self-taught artist specializing in Indian Folk Art- at Deezden was holding a giveaway to commemorate having 100 followers at the same time. And look what landed on my doorstep last week- a lovely cheery signed copy of her renditon of an Indian Parakeet. Thanks Dithi!! Check out her Etsy store for more colorful renditions of Indian religious figures and folk art.

There are truly gifted and generous souls out there - this is a thanks to all the bloggers out there who work so hard and share so much with the rest of us, I have so much to learn and I'm looking forward to it!!


Cynthia said...


Maria said...

Congrats Zaara once again!! Looks like you got a new companion, lady luck :)

Happy baking :)

Thanks a lot for linking me dear :)


Sunshinemom said...

My first time to your blog and looks like I landed at the right time - in time to congratulate you on your twin wins:). Lovely blog, and I like your style!

Zaara said...

Thank you!!