Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Award, A Couple of Gulab Jamuns and A Little Bit About MeMe

Imagine sinking your teeth into a little spherical mass of milky sweetness, releasing a wave of cardamom tinged raindrops on your palate.

This, Gulab Jamuns, is the stuff of cherubic angels. I'm guessing they use them as ping-pong balls?

However, heady with your love for these tiny confections of love, you rush to your nearest Indian or Asian restaurant and order them off the bat, only to receive a wad of brown kitchen sponge soaked in yesterday's pancake syrup, served in a white styrofoam bowl (in which they nuked them in).

People - this is an ALERT.
Stop ordering Gulab Jamuns from those hole in the wall places disguised as Indian food establishments. Make them yourself. Milk powder, butter, fry, soak in cardamom/rosewater syrup.
This message was endorsed by the People for Ethical Treatment of Sweets.

Roll up your sleeves, get the recipe (verbatim) from
Cynthia's Tastes Like Home, and try her Caribbean version of them too while you are there, and sink back into bliss.

I have been known to polish off entire batches.
That message was NOT endorsed by the Center for Weight-Loss, American Association of Cardiology and Diabetes Practiotioners, Biggest Loser TV Syndicate, The Association of All the Hole-In-The-Wall Indian Restaurants with the White Styrofoam Bowls.

So my blog also got a "kreativ" award from Sheetal Kiran from the notoriously funny Eats, Eats & Eats. Thank you Sheetal, I am flattered!
I'm supposed to list 7 random facts about myself:

1. I was born in Africa (Zambia) and lived in Botswana till I was 20 years old. Quick, children, run to your atlas and find where BOTSWANA is now! Naturally, I view the world through safari-tinted glasses, which may or may not be to my detriment...
2. The radio stations in my car oscillate frequently from Classical Music to NPR to Alternative Rock to the Best of the Eighties.
3. I love, love, love to travel, and have visited 6 of the 7 Continents. Watch out ANTARCTICA!
4. I am a Sagittarius and have all the bad personality traits associated with this star down pat. I'm loyal, generous and honest to a fault, passive-aggressive and expect 100% from my closest friends. If a friendship is betrayed or I've been hurt, revenge is swift. Don't worry, no blood or daggers, the most I've done is quickly UNFRIEND you on Facebook. And delete all your emails. Or any trace of you in my life.
5. I have had trouble all my life acquiring the taste for coffee (except in cake), beer (except in bread) and dark chocolate. Solely for this reason, I had to decline the position on Top Chef that then went to Padma Lakshmi. *har har har*
6. On occasions, I react to shellfish (iodine) and break out in hives. Its very random, so I'm always taking chances.
7. I am a thorough Procrastinator, with a side of Perfectionism and a smattering of Pessimism. Which means on a good day, I don't get much done because I keep thinking I'm going to mess it up and not do it right, so why bother doing it anyway, because I could always just do it later, perfectly...
8. I bet you still haven't found Botswana *hee hee hee*
I'd like to in turn pass on this award to the following 7 Hall of Famer's (in my books!) -
Joanne of Eats Well With Others
Rina of Rina's Recipes
Arundhuti of
Gourmet Affair
Cherine of
Chicho's Kitchen
Joumana of
Taste of Beirut
Aimee at
A Twist Of Spaghetti
Sayantani at
A Homemaker's Diary


Joanne said...

Aww thanks so much for the award! I loved reading about you. I am so jealous that you have traveled so much! It is one of my life ambitions to see more of the world. I'm not such a beer fan either but I really adore dark chocolate and coffee.

Those Gulab Jamuns look amazing! I've never had them but now I'm basically going to have to learn to make them.

Simran said...

Congrats on your awards. And it was great to know you better through the MeMe. Now I'm off to look for Botswana :)

WizzyTheStick said...

You are too funny. I do too know where Botswana is located! I also know that Mpule Kwelagobe is from that southern African nation. She was crowned Miss Universe in May 1999 my country ( Trinidad and Tobago:-) What I did not know is that there is a difference between Indian gulab jamoon and Caribbean jamoon. Great info and lovely blog

hope and love said...


Ann said...

And Wizyy gets the PRIZE!! I had totally forgotten about Miss Botswana winning Miss Universe once, thanks for that blast from the past!

Subhashini said...

I have entered first time in your blog.I liked your collection of recipes but only veggi.Honestly i have l have escaped non veg dishes because I am veg.
Keep blogging

ARUNA said...

Those Gulab jams look super yumm....i'm drooling all over.

Gulmohar said...

Dear Ann, Thanks for visiting us at Collaborative curry. You have a lovely space here.
Really enjoyed reading about you :D Yes, I know, where Botswana is. (our cousin and family is settled there...!!)
Gulab jamun is an all time fav of mine and it has come out perfect for you :-)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great to learn more about you!

Those Gulab Jamun look so scrumptious! A gorgeous treat!



Cynthia said...

I am totally distracted by those amazingly delicious balls of goodness - the gulab jamun!

Rachel said...

Hehe very neat was the meme.. I am like you in terms of the unfriending on facebook, twitter etc....and even block them!

tasteofbeirut said...

Thanks so much for introducing me to these sweets;I don't think I have ever had them (or I would have remembered!); also, you are such an interesting person I am enjoying finding out more every time!
Thanks so much for the award. I am touched that you thought of me.

Jaya Wagle said...

Aha! Now I know why you had kachori just twice in your life. Disclaimers and endoresments galore. What will you think of next girl? Loved it. :)

PS: Good to see so many new readers on your blog. Keep those zingers coming.

Sayantani said...

Ann what I love most about your page is how you describe things which clearly shows what an Interesting person you are. loved reading 'this book makes me cook' posts. Gulab Jamun is our favorite and we always have it hot with a dollop of vanilla Ice cream. try it once.
last but not the least congrats on the awards. am touched that you remembered me. thanks a ton.

Anisheetu said...

mmmm those are looking soooo tempting.....

Muneeba said...

ahahah ... like your "alert" .. I second that idea! And can I also be part of that wonderful committee??? Oh, and finally, a whole lotta congrats on the award :)

shahana said...

First time here.u got a wonderful space with a lot of delicious dishes!!!

Arundhuti said...

Thanks for sharing the award and leaving a lovely comment in my blog. really appreciate it.

Padhu said...

Gulab jamoon looks superb! So inviting! New to your blog.Do drop by http://padhuskitchen.blogspot.com/
when time permits

Arlette said...

This looks great Ann,
Looks similar to a Lebanese Dumplings (Awamat)
I like to try the recipe and compare flavours.

Marisa said...

Great post! Loved finding out a little bit more about you. Procrastinators unite!!! And I've also been known to unfriend people on facebook when they just got too much for me. :-)

Looking forward to reading more of your cooking adventures.

Srivalli said...

Very nice knowing abt you ann..