Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's My Birthday and I'll Have a Giveaway If I Want To....

Because it's my birthday....

I didn't make this cake for my birthday by the way, I made it for the last Wilton Course #2 I attended. But I'm mighty  proud of it.

And because Christmas is around the corner. And I finally got the tree up....

...And because I just realized this is my 101-st post....

One of you bloggers out there will win a $40 email gift card.

Funded by me.

Because even though I use a lot, A LOT, they have no clue who I am.

But I thought I should use them for my party.

Now I know giveaways are supposed to attract readership, so everyone does the multiple Twitter and Facebook re-post and re-tweets and yada-yada postings tied to their giveaways, but frankly, I tried Twitter and couldn't stand it, and I have been too thick or dense to attach my blog to Facebook yet.

Instead I thought this giveaway should just be for other bloggers out there who took the time to stop by and leave a comment about what they would buy if they were the winner.
So make sure you mention your blog name, so I can pay you a visit in return.

Easy peasy.
No twitter, tweets, toots, no multiple comments.

And thank you to all those bloggers out there who give me unlimited amounts of reading pleasure, I really and truly have learnt so much from so many of you.

** Re-post - this giveaway is now closed. Thanks for all the entries =) **
Rules -
1. Only one entry per person, please. Duplicates will be deleted.
2. This giveaway is open till midnight CST Monday December 20th, 2010.
3. ONE winner will be picked randomly using random number generator and contacted via email on Tuesday December 21st. If the person does not respond within 36 hours, another winner will be picked...and so on.....
4. The prize is a $40 gift card that will be emailed to the winner. According to the website, the gift card can only be used on and not on it's other sites like,,,, You are eligible if you think this is appropriate for you. 
5. The prize is funded by me. Just because.....I love blogging =)


Divya Kudua said...

Do you realize that you have a freaky sense of humour?hehe.Am I eligible since I don't use Twitter,but am in your Fb friend list??

Sayantani said...

can we from india also take part in this?
even if we cant I will still love your blog and your amazing writing style. so thanks for blogging and putting that hard work.
Congrats on the 101th post...thats a great milestone achieved. the cake looks wonderful.

notyet100 said...

will be happy if u send the chrsitmas tree pic for the jingle event ;-)

BangaloreBaker said...

This is my first time here. Your writing reminds me of Joy the Baker a little bit. She is so funny and you are pretty close too.
I never even leave a comment for giveaways since I do not believe in following someone or subscribing for the sake of giveaway.
If I had 40 dollars to shell on amazon, I would buy 'Artisan bread in 5 minutes' book. If I buy another cook book, I don't know what will happen.
I blog at Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen.
Happy Birthday.

moonsword said...

I would buy some books for my father...he can't do much anymore but he loves to read!
Thank you for the giveaway!

Vaishali Sharma said...

First time to ur blog. U have a lovely space.
I liked that cake decoration. It's lovely! I too completed 100 posts with my last recipe. So ditto :)
Well if I won the amazon gift card, I'll go ahead n buy the slicer-shredder attachment accessory for my kitchen aid stand mixer :)

Congrats& Happy blogging
Merry Christmas

Simran said...


And 101 posts! That's great :)

Umm Mymoonah said...

First Wish you a very happy birthday, next the cake, OMG! It looks stunning, the basket weave, the flowers simply amazing.
About amazon there is so much to browse and shop from it, for this bakeware set, since all my bake ware set are getting bit older.

sra said...

Happy Birthday, Ann! Am here just to wish you, not for the giveaway.

Ria Mathew said...

Hey Ann,

Congratulations on your 101 posts!

If I get win this giveaway, I might end up thinking the whole day (maybe night too) as to what to buy! I want so many I might have to shortlist a few among them :) It's most likely to be a few books that I have been eyeing for quite sometime :)

Gulmohar said...

Hope you had a terrific day Ann
You know what, this has been the wonderful ,most simple and easy peasy giveaway I've ever come across. I do not enter most of the giveaways mainly because they'll ask you to tweet, toot and what'm a big customer of Amazon and if I win I'll get some (more) Bake wares for sure :D

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

OK, first and foremost of all, a very happy birthday. I know that is not your birthday cake, but it is worth to die for, simply amazing. Great work on tree as well.

Now, for Amazon, even I am a frequent buyer at Amazon, almost every 8 out of 10 things I buy online, comes from Amazon. So, obviously I am in for the giveaway and I would love to buy a dessert serving ware as I am soooooooooo in need of those.

Congrats on posting 101th post :)

Apu said...

Congrats!! Cake and tree both look wonderful!! Now, if I were to win the gift card, I'd swiftly get me a blender - mine has conked leaving me high and dry!!

Jamie said...

The cake is fabulous! Oh how I want to take a cake decorating course! Congratulations on 100+ posts! And glad you found me so I could find you! Great giveaway and thank you thank you for not doing the whole twitter, facebook, toot toot thing. This is much more civilized.

Rachna said...

awwwww Happy Birthday to you..... I too dont get just didnt click for me..... I hope I get the giveaway..... ;)

Maria said...

Belated B'day wishes again dear! The cake looks awesome!

A big congrats on hitting century, wishing you many more in the future! I really admire your writing skills and of course your baking/icing skills too :)

This is the first time I'm taking part in a giveaway. I've added so many items in my wish list in Amazon, so I really cant point out one single thing ;)

Wish you the very best!


s said...

such a non pretentious giveaway....and ooooh I hope I win.....:)
what will I buy? lets see honestly I dont own many cook books so I guess thats what Ill want,,
anyway..Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Joanne said...

Um that cake is absolutely hands down beautiful. Just saying.

Happy birthday and 101st post! I love this no frills giveaway!

Ambika said...

That cake is gorgeous!!Belated Happy Birthday and congratulations on the century :) And this is the best giveaway!!!!!! I do not know yet what to buy, but it will definitely be something I use in the kitchen :D

Good Luck

Swapna said...

oh Ann I missed it:{... once again belated happy birthday and congrats on completing 100 posts:)

Ann said...

Thank you all for participating, the winner is comment #1 - Divya! Congratulations!