Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Award!!! Yippeeee

The wonderful Sheba over at Art, Food and Travel Chronicles has bestowed this award on me:
My first bloggie award! I've had my people talk to his people and we've lined up this piece of eye candy to be on my arm when I appear in person at the Annual Bloggie Awards Show to collect my golden statuette. Wait...there is an award show right?

Thank you Sheba for honoring me this way! I've watched bloggie awards flutter and fly past and I will be honest that I've occasionally sighed and wondered if one would ever chance upon my dusty pages. I'm supposed to pass this on in turn to 8 other bloggers, and that will prove difficult, since I have 8 HUNDRED favorite blogs that I follow.

So off we go to:
Joumana of Taste Of Beirut
Ria over at Ria's Collection
Teanna at Spork or Foon?
Jaya at Jayaspace
Rebecca at Ezra Pound Cake
Nags at Edible Garden
Maria at Maria's Menu
Cynthia at Tastes Like Home

Blog on! =)


tasteofbeirut said...

Wow! Ann this was such a delightful Xmas present! Thanks so much! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a great New Year 2010!

Ria Mathew said...

Hello Ann! Hope you had a very merry X'mas too!! Wish you all good luck for the new year! :)

THANK YOU so much for the award! I feel so honoured! xoxo

amna said...

thanks for this Ann :D

Desisoccermom said...

Thanks a lot girl. :) Will put it up as soon as I get enough comments on my book review post. Nah! Just kidding. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Ann

Congrats on your award!!

Thanks a lot for passing it on to me :). Am so sorry for the delayed reply, I was away for holidays.


Unknown said...


Hope you had a wonderful Xmas.

Wish you & your family a happy & blessed new year!!